Since 2007 Orion has been honored to partner with Swarovski and The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences to produce the sparkling Oscars stage. Over the years our talented teams of designers and craftsmen have approached these collaborations with an open mind and adventurous spirit, experimenting with many techniques to bring the unique vision of each designer to fruition with stunning results!

2007               The 79th Oscars saw the  first ‘Swarovski Crystal Curtain’ designed by Michael J. Riva which consisted of hundreds of large rectangular and octagonal shaped prisms.

2009               For the 81st Oscars, David Rockwell designed an even larger crystal curtain draped throughout the entire proscenium arch.

2011               For the 83rd Oscars designed by Steve Bass, crystals were incorporated into the stairs and floor creating a shimmering effect as the participants made grand entrances to the stage.

2013               Derek McLane utilized large Swarovski beads to create a shimmering backdrop for the 85th Oscars.

2015 & 2016               For both the 87th & 88th Oscars, Derek McLane included large flat back crystals and beaded strands to add sparkle to the proscenium, close down and backdrop.